Monday Evening Castleton Class

Mondays | 7:00-8:15pm | Cost: $12 | Free for members. Drop ins are welcome. No need to pre-register. 

Meditation & Mindfulness Class

Meditation is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective means to reduce stress and improve our quality of life, however it also has much deeper and far-reaching benefits that have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for thousands of years.

The benefits of meditation include:

– Effective means to reduce stress & anxiety

– Improves mindfulness & concentration

– Promotes a more positive approach to life

Each class includes practical instructions and guided meditation that you can reproduce at home; learn how to improve your mindfulness effectively during the day, and discover how to establish a regular meditation routine.  This class is suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced meditators.

  • January Series: Just Breathe

    Each class can be attended drop-in, but the most benefit can be gained from attending the entire series.

    Jan 8: Introduction to Meditation

    Discover the what, why and how of meditation and be guided through a simple breathing practice to settle the mind that can be reproduced at home.

    Jan 15: Managing the Monkey Mind

    Learn how to work effectively with mental busyness and distractions both in and out of meditation.

    Jan 22: Connecting to Peace Within

    If we create the correct mental environment, peace arises naturally.  Learn how to connect to this natural source of peace and happiness.

    Jan 29: Balance & Inspiration

    Learn a special breathing meditation combined with mantra recitation that balances the inner energy winds of the body and brings blessings and inspirations.

  • February Series: Foundations of Effective Meditation

    Each class can be attended drop-in, but the most benefit can be gained from attending the entire series.

    Feb 5: Beginning a Meditation Practice

    Discover the benefits of meditation & how to begin an effective meditation practice, including posture (whether using chair or cushion), creating a suitable space and making time to meditate amidst busy life.

    Feb 12: Quiet Your Mind

    Discover methods to still the busyness of the mind and find an inner clarity that gives you the space to find peace and serves as a preparation for more practical meditations.

    Feb 19: Training in Mindfulness

    Learn how to train in mindfulness according to authentic Buddhist sources and use this part of the mind to its greatest effect.

    Feb 26: Overcoming Distractions

    Learn how we can oppose the various types of distractions that arise in meditation so that we can start to improve our mindfulness and concentration.

Gen Kelsang Zamling is a modern Buddhist monk and the Principal Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Indianapolis. He has been a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years and has taught in the United States and in the UK. Gen Zamling completed an intensive 6 month Special Teacher Training Program with our General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, to further his qualifications as a teacher. He is well-loved by his students, and sets an immaculate example of someone who has taken Buddha’s teachings to heart. Gen Zamling is known for his practical approach, warmth and clarity and we feel very fortunate to have him as our teacher at KMC Indianapolis.