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February Series: Learning to Let Go

This series will explore how we can learn to let go of bad mental habits, come to accept our past and feel more confident and hopeful about our future. The teachings given will show how we can apply the timeless wisdom of Buddha’s teachings on the mind and start to transform our life from within.

Each session will consist of teachings and meditations as well as an opportunity to ask questions. Everyone is welcome, and no previous experience necessary.

Feb 1/ 6: Letting go of the Past

This class will explore how we can let go of resentment and heal our relationship with the past.

Feb 8/13: Letting go of Blame and Guilt

This class will learn how we can relate to the potential for purity that exists within each of us and overcome critical thoughts towards our self and others

Special Thursday Evening Event- Feb 15: Liberating Wisdom in the Age of Deception 7-8:30pm

In a time of increasing uncertainty, fear, and deception, is there anything left that’s reliable and trustworthy?  Led by National Spiritual Director and Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Demo, this public talk will address this growing concern and reveal practical and profound methods to develop inner strength and wisdom.  Everyone is welcome regardless of background or belief.

Feb 20/22: Letting go of the Ego

Our negative emotions are inevitably bound up with a strong sense of self. This class will explore how we can learn to let go of our obsessive self-concern and come to discover real freedom from within.

Feb 27/ Mar 1: Letting go of Negative Karma

This class will take a deeper look at the underlying cause of our everyday experiences according to Buddha’s teachings on the law of Karma and how we can use this understanding to prevent future suffering.