January Series: Exploring Meditation

Whether you’re a complete beginner or need a refresher, this January will focus on learning the steps of effective meditation, how to get the most from your meditations, and how to apply the principles of meditation in daily life.

Jan 7: What is Meditation?

This class will demystify what meditation is and what it is not.  How do we practice meditation effectively?

Jan 14: Make Your Life Meaningful

What’s the purpose of our life, and how can we use meditation to help us fulfill this purpose?

Jan 21: Developing Peace Within

Although we all want to be happy, few people know how to be happy all the time; learn how to develop and maintain a happy mind all the time through skillful training in meditation.

Jan 28: Overcome Daily Problems & Negativity

Negative mental patterns prevent us from being happy every day; this class will focus on how we can start using meditation to overcome these obstacles to mental peace and happiness.