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February Series: Exploring Life’s Big Questions

It’s too easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily life and become bored and dissatisfied with life.  How do we invigorate our life with passion and purpose?  This month we focus on life’s biggest questions.  Sure to stretch your mind and your preconceptions!

Feb 4: What is a Spiritual Life?

What does it mean to be spiritual and how does one lead a truly spiritual life?  And is that possible in the context of a modern life–family, work, responsibilities, etc?

Feb 11: What is the Mind?

Although we know we have a mind and have some general understanding of how it works, the actual nature of the mind itself is rather elusive.  Can you pinpoint exactly what your mind is?  Learn what meditators of old have known about the mind for centuries which still baffles modern-day scientists to this day.

Feb 18: After Death, What Happens Next?

Possibly the biggest and most controversial question asked by humanity: what does our death mean, and what happens after we die?  How does one face this existential situation with grace, courage, and insight?

Feb 25: Why Me? Understanding Karma

We all have a rough idea of what karma is all about, but the subject of karma explains the totality of our experience–gain a deeper glimpse of the profound nature of your reality by exploring karma.