Meditation for Families

February 3, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Please note: Due to space and safety concerns, pre-registration on our website is required. There is a maximum number of students (parents and children) for each Families class. Because space can fill up quickly, we cannot guarantee that those who drop in without registering will be able to be accommodated.

Feb. 3 Concentration and Mindfulness for Kids

We hear our parents and teachers tell us to concentrate allthe time.  What actually is concentrationand why should we do it?  We will learnhow learning to concentrate help us with our studies, and how learningconcentration help us with our spiritual advancement.  We will also touch on mindfulness and how ithelps us learn concentration. 

Cost: $12 per family, $2 each additional child
Snacks and craft materials included 
Recommended for children ages 4-12

Family life is challenging. Amidst the constant bustle of busy daily life, it is easy to forget to make time to appreciate our family. Yet living with and raising a family can provide endless opportunities in which we can improve our own good qualities such as patience and love through learning to cultivate a peaceful mind. Meditation for Families will give everyone a chance to relax and to learn how to enjoy life in the beautiful new Kadampa Meditation Center Indianapolis.